Gloves, Helmets, Fluorescent Vests and More in Fairmont, WV

APEX Has Safety Equipment Available for Your Place of Business

In both sports and life, taking appropriate safety precautions can end up making a world of difference in a moment’s notice. If you work an industrial job, or any other job that requires safety equipment, APEX Athletics & Apparel has you covered, literally. Whether you are looking for a reliable new pair of work gloves, a protective helmet or hard hat, or even a fluorescent vest for working in the dark or in inclement weather, we have safety items in stock at APEX. We even stock fire-resistant coveralls for those who work closely with fire. No matter your safety needs, APEX has you covered, and can even special order whatever safety apparel you need. For any questions about safety apparel for your business or personal use, call us at (304) 694-4555 or contact us online. 

Protective Attire for Baseball and Other Sports at APEX

Safety is not only important when working, but when playing sports as well. If you play baseball, you know how important things like a catcher’s mask, batting helmet, and chest protector can be. Additionally, football players would have a difficult time playing without pads, mouthguards, and helmets of their own. When you come to APEX Athletics & Apparel, you can determine if our wide array of protective equipment and apparel is right for you and your team, regardless of the sport you play. If you come to our store and do not see what you are looking for, simply ask us! We can special order exactly what you are looking for, and maintain our commitment to selling at only the best available prices. If you are looking for protective apparel and equipment for sports, call today or visit us in Fairmont. 

Safety Apparel for Fairmont, Morgantown, Clarksburg, & Bridgeport

If you live in the Fairmont, WV area and need safety equipment and apparel for your business, team, or personal life, choose APEX Athletics & Apparel. For everything from hard hats to protective eyewear, APEX can make sure you are guaranteed safety in high-risk situations. For more information on our safety apparel for your business or team, or to place a special order, you can call us or visit us in person at the Middletown Mall Shopping
Center in Fairmont.